Based in Eugene, OR

On any given day, you’ll find fascinating people walking about, each with a story to tell, a memory to share, or a piece of advice to give. People of Downtown Eugene (PODE) captures the pulse of this place – a place unlike any other on the planet.

Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Eugene, Cascades & Coast

“We’re in the business of fun. It’s the best job ever. We’re telling people where to go and how to have a good time when they get there. We share all of our favorite things about Eugene and the surrounding county with everyone, and we get to go hiking and get paid for it sometimes. This one gets to go travel around the county and take photographs and get paid for it.”

City parking

City parking

“I’ve been working for City of Eugene parking for about two months, and I’ve been in Eugene for five years. I like music and I like traveling. I am usually here, downtown, on the weekends. Sometimes, I see the police pull into the parking lot over there—other than that, not anything crazy. Sometimes, I like to go to the food carts. I’ve tried All Thai’d Up, it was pretty good!”

A day downtown

A day downtown

“We came downtown to go to the library to go return some things and get some employee-discounted food, and then we went over to Mosaic Fair Trade Collection because they have really great Fair Trade stuff. We’ve been here for about 5 or 6 years, and I’ve worked at Sizzle Pie for exactly a year, as of today.”

Out of Step Books & Gallery

Out of Step Books & Gallery

“This is Out of Step Books & Gallery—it’s a creative space that has tables, where you can come in and sit down. We have free art supplies to use—you can draw, you can color, create something cool, have a drink. We have beer on tap, Kombucha on tap, other non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a place to just kind of hang out and listen to music and create something fun. We’ve been open for about three months—it’s my wife’s and my business. For about 12 or 13 years we’ve been making art in tattoo books—we work with thousands of artists from around the world. This was just kind of the next step.”

A new start

A new start

“I was homeless, and my mom’s music has led me to this. My mom passed away last May and when she passed, that was the last of my family, so I came here from Oklahoma to make a new start. I’ve chosen to make this my home. And, this man, Mr. Thomas at The Barn Light, hired me. … I sing here every Wednesday from 4 – 6 pm but I always like to come early.”

Visiting from JC

Visiting from JC

“We’re from JC, Junction City, so this is what we do for fun. We come here for the food mainly. We wanted to go hiking today but it’s wet, so we are going bowling.”

Killer Burger

Killer Burger

“I’m the general manager and I have been here for just over three years. I love being downtown – the people, how busy we are, there’s never a dull moment – all the different events that we have going on, the tourists, the games at the U of O and concerts at different venues that we have.”

Downtown over the years

Downtown over the years

“When I grew up, I didn’t come downtown. We drove through it, and it was like a huge thing for me because we were going to drive downtown. When I was old enough to venture out on my own, it definitely became very familiar because it wasn’t as big anymore because I was bigger, but it just became familiar. Once we were able to go downtown, Voodoo Doughnuts had just gotten here, the Barn Light had just gotten established, Sizzle Pie had just moved in and Killer Burger was bidding on the space.”

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection

“We work with over 50 Fair Trade-certified organizations, mostly in Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Basically, Fair Trade ensures that there’s good working conditions, Fair Trade prices, no child labor – it’s a step in the right direction because it also has a huge focus on recycled and sustainable material. There’s just lots of neat things with awesome back stories.

These notebooks are coming from Sri Lanka, where elephants are killed by farmers because they can eat up to 500 pounds of vegetation, so this company actually pays farmers to collect elephant poo instead and then they turn them into these books. So, it’s 50 percent elephant poo and 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper, so basically with that, the elephants get killed less, the farmers make more money, and they don’t chop down additional trees to make them, and then we get cool paper products.”

Euphoria Chocolate Company

Euphoria Chocolate Company

“I worked as a delivery guy for a few years here, in Eugene – I am from central Missouri. The first few years I was here, I would cruise through downtown quite a bit because I was doing pick-ups for local spots downtown. I was down here all the time, but I didn’t really get to hang out. You get a good cross section of people that come through here, from all walks. From way up high from way down low and everything in between. My favorite part about this job is conversating with people. It’s way better than jobs where you don’t get that opportunity.”

Hot Butter Buns

Hott butter buns

“Today, we’re checking out the food truck scene because we are thinking about building our own. I was thinking about doing hot buttered buns, which are sandwiches – think real thick Texas toast meets real thick hot dog bun. Then we were going to do Nashville fried chicken, lamb pastrami and a vegetarian one because a lot of people here are vegetarian and vegan. And, do a little Mexican-style street corn and fries with different salts on them – you could choose your salts. I am from the East Coast and so is he, that’s kind of a Southern-style way to do it. There’s like nothing around here that’s like that. When I mention it, usually people are like ‘hot buttered buns?’”

Journalism student

Journalism student

“I am working on a journalism project. It’s a gateway class for the J-school and, basically, I am going around and interviewing random people on the street who I don’t know and getting used to talking to people, which has been kind of tough for me, but it’s not too bad.”



“We’re going to the groomer right now, so they can paint his nails blue this time, and so he can smell good! I’ve had Teddy for three years—he’s a Great Dane.”

Campus bar

Campus bar

“I manage a little bar … I never really had the college experience—I lived in San Francisco for a long time—and, so I think a lot of times I have a very stereotypical view of college kids, which sometimes doesn’t help working on campus. But at the same time, I meet a lot of people who are outside that mold, who have a lot of similar interests.”

Never bored

Never bored

“My favorite part of my job at Emerald Vapors is the people. I knew them all before I started working here. That’s how I got the job—they knew me and at a time when everyone was getting laid off, and they offered me a job. It’s never boring downtown. I spend a lot of time at the Barn Light —if I am not at work, I am at the Barn Light.”

Broadway Metro Cinemas

Broadway Metro Cinemas

“I work at the Broadway Metro Cinemas. We’re centrally located in downtown, where people can watch movies that they might not get to see other places. Especially with the expansion, it’s really nice to have a place where people can come and get food and hang out and see an art house movie or a bigger movie.”



“I grab as many new books from the library as I can. I read 2 to 4 a week—anything that catches my attention.”



“We water the flowers every day and fertilize them. I think there’s 129 ground pots and 80-something baskets that are hanging. It’s a lot of fun. I am out in the sun, I am watering flowers, I am talking to tourists and other people that are coming by. I am socializing, gardening and getting paid for it!”

Stay-at-home dad

Stay-at-home dad

“It’s my last day. I am going to be a stay-at-home dad. My kids are 5 and 8, and I will be homeschooling them. It’s just how my partner and I decided to raise our kids. She develops and sells homeschool curriculum for a living, and it happens to be more lucrative than this job. The more time I can be at home, the more time she can work on that.”

New job

New job

“It’s my second week. I am still getting the catch of things. This is the PeaceHealth Rides system, and we are going around and picking up bikes that are broken and redistributing bikes where they need to go.”

Finally free

Finally free

“Today, I am coming back from therapy. I was over at Lane County Mental Health doing Transcranial Magnetic Therapy. It’s a new therapy that they are using—they use it a lot in people who have PTSD. They use it in missions in L.A. If you just do the stimulation part of it, what it does is bring about positive neurons in your brain. If you do the therapy, you have to do it for 30 weeks, at least once a week, and you can’t miss a day. I just had my 30th treatment, but they’ve decided I need more. I used to want to die every day. I had suicidal tendencies for about 45 years. Child abuse from the age of 5 to 15—ten years. This is the first time I’ve ever been free of thoughts of self-harm—it’s changed my entire life. I can now connect with others easier, instead of disassociating or hiding in my house a lot. I am even going to go to a festival this month. My daughter, who I gave up for adoption 44 years ago, we found each other a year ago. On the 30th of this month, she’ll be arriving. She’s 44 and I haven’t seen her since she was a baby. Now, I am a grandmother of three. They’re beautiful—I just love them so much already. I’ve lived here for 40 years, and I love it here. I wouldn’t change anything. I have good friends, people who care about me. It’s a hard place to live, but it’s also a very loving place to be because there are people who will scoop you up and take you into their heart. There are very kind people here. That’s something that I never experienced living anywhere else. I grew up in L.A.—Orange County, I am used to people not even looking you in the eye. People actually say ‘Hi’ to you here.”

Long Distance Love

Long distance love

“I’m visiting her from Los Angeles. We went to the same high school in Portland and are dating now. I moved to L.A., but I might transfer here or to PSU, so we can be closer and for in-state tuition.”

Fighting with Music

Fighting the Devil

“I’m just out walking around, fighting the devil. He doesn’t like good music, so I am listening to music.”

Oregon Bach Festival

Music teachers

We’re all music teachers, here for the Oregon Bach Festival. One of the best performances was Bach in Motion. We sang various pieces by Bach and added in dances from DanceAbility International. They danced to our singing, while the orchestra played – it was a really awesome, inclusive moment.

People of Downtown Eugene — Roadtrip

Road trip

“We’re on a road trip, headed to Portland to see my mom.”

“What advice would you give to other parents on long trips with their kids?”

“The DVD player has been huge. When I was kid you either stared out the window or read a book, or came up with something else. The other day he fell asleep watching a movie while eating a grilled cheese.”



“Can I sing a song to you?”

“Can I take your picture?”

“Sure! I just wrote this one three days ago about getting a black eye. It was all a misunderstanding and we laughed about it later.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Trivia leader

Trivia leader

“I lead trivia at The Barn Light on Wednesdays. I ask 54 questions from 9-11pm. They vary each week depending on what I’m thinking about I’m the only trivia person who is actually local to Eugene, all the rest in town are corporate.”

People of Downtown Eugene — River trail

River trail

“We live on the north side of town. We both really like the river trail, it’s kind of essential. I commute on it, and we spend a lot of our off-time riding bikes or walking down there. When it’s not raining, one of my favorite things is my commute home and the sunny view of the river and trees.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Montana

Montana visitors

“We’re visiting from Montana. He was inspired by Tom Wolfe’s ‘The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,’ and now we live on a bus.”

People of Downtown Eugene — No


“Come on, let’s take a picture!”


People of Downtown Eugene — Patience


“What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?”


“When was a time it was hard to be patient?”

“Every day! When I brush his teeth before bed. I was a chicken, I waited until I was 38, and I was a chicken for a reason. It’s a big, crazy job.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Duck Leis

Always Aloha Leis

“I’m starting a business selling these Duck-colored leis. I’m on my way to talk to the Saturday Market about setting up a booth.”

“What has been your biggest obstacle in starting a business?”

“Well… nothing! I’m just moving forward. I got the idea in Maui and came home and started making them — bringing some aloha to Eugene. I’m going to try to do graduations, weddings and football games. It’s just something I created when I was there and thought, “I haven’t seen these here.”

People of Downtown Eugene – Rivven

Be an inspiration

“If you could give other parents a piece of advice what would it be?”

“Be an inspiration to your children. Being in Eugene there’s so many different cultures, and so many aspiring artists. I think it’s important for our kids to grow up in an environment like that so we can see all the cultures and artists and teach them.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Freestyle


“If you give me any random three words, if I freestyle some of the greatest poetry you’ve ever heard, would you be able to spare anything to help a homeless boy survive?”

We gave him, “People, downtown, Eugene.” See the video here:

People of Downtown Eugene — California grandad

California grandad

“My daughter’s boy has autism, so my wife and I moved up here from California last May to help her with the kids while she goes to grad school. We’re trying to convince her to finish because the job offers are already coming in.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Wanted


“I probably won’t tag myself, I’m wanted. Just kidding.”

People of Downtown Eugene — LCC students

LCC students

“I just spent way too much money on craft supplies for my class. You get a discount for being a student, but it only takes a small bite out of it.”

“What advice would you give to a student going to Lane Community College?”

“Don’t be lazy. There’s a lot less work than people make it out to seem, so it’s very easy to get laid back and forget to do the work.”

“Just because it’s community college doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Banjo Youngblood

Banjo Youngblood

“My name’s Banjo Youngblood, I’m from Houston Texas. My band and I are playing at Cozmic Pizza tonight at 6.”

“How did you end up in Eugene?”

“I hopped on the wrong train! Want to hear a song about it?”

People of Downtown Eugene — Firefighter


“I guess you can take my picture. But be quick, or they’ll give me a hard time!”

People of Downtown Eugene — Pastry chef

Pastry chef

“I’m the pastry chef at Marche.”
“What’s your favorite pastry for Easter?”
“Hot cross buns. I use a brioche dough for it, it’s really rich and buttery. Instead of flour and sugar crosses I just use a sugar cross so it’s nice and sweet and then there’s light fruit inside. We go through hundreds of them.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Carolina


“I work for Safe Ride on campus, and I always joke with the employees that if we had a chance to tell someone one big message, it would be that the Designated Driver Shuttle and Safe Ride are two different services. People will call like, ‘Hi, is this the drunk bus?’ So if I could disseminate that message to everybody would make my job so much easier.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Sleepy baby

Sleepy baby

“What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming a parent?”
“That your priorities completely change. Maybe that’s not a lesson, but it’s definitely something you learn.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Toadstool Cupcakes

Toadstool Cupcakes

“When we decided to open a second location it was going to be another Larry’s, but my daughter actually had a dream and it was going to be Toadstool Cupcakes. So I had to follow her dream. And it’s worked!”

People of Downtown Eugene — Don't burn bridges

Don’t burn bridges

“What’s your greatest life lesson?”
“To preserve relationships and never burn your bridges.”
“Have you burned any bridges you wish you wouldn’t have?”
“Kind of. I don’t anymore, but in a town like this, like Eugene, you see people six years later and all of a sudden you’re doing business with them. There’s only really one example, but it’s a bad one.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Annual date

Annual date

“We’re on our annual lunch date.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Walking with Posey

Walking with Posey

“What do you most enjoy about the weather turning nice like this?”
“There’s more action, more commerce, more helping. When people are out that’s usually good for business, that’s usually good for the economy, people are dispensing their money in these places and have a lot of action going from a business standpoint.”
“Sounds like you’re an advocate of downtown Eugene!”
“Correct. We live down the street. It’s good to see it’s getting slowly cleaned up a bit.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Kickball


“I play kickball.”
“As part of a league?”
“Well… kind of. I also like hiking and being outdoors. Use that, it’s a more normal answer.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Minnesota bound

Minnesota bound

“I’m trying to get out of this city. I tried hopping trains but the kid I was gonna hop a train with decided we weren’t going to do that. Hopped on a van yesterday to leave and the water pump blew out. Then I got punched in the face yesterday in the Walmart parking lot for flipping off some lady trying to hit me with her car.

So I’m going to the diner, then going to the service station to try to get a bus ticket back to Minnesota. I’m trying to get down to Frisco to take Homeward Bound from there, but…”

People of Downtown Eugene — Dutch Bros. dog

Dutch Bros. dog

“It’s a beautiful day! Just waiting for some Dutch Bros.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Eugene Ballet

Eugene Ballet

“We moved here to work for the Eugene Ballet Company.”

People of Downtown Eugene — 55 years

55 years

“We’ve been married for 54 years. Or is it 55?”
“What advice would you give to a young couple?”
“Choose wisely.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Walking with Mocha

Walking with Mocha

“Mocha and I are out for a walk. My wife and I are visiting from Gold Beach. She’s at an appointment right now.”

People of Downtown Eugene — Kesey with flower

Kesey with flower

A flower for Mr. Kesey on this rainy day.

People of Downtown Eugene — Rainy Walk

Rainy walk

“You can take my picture if it will be quick. I’m on my way to catch a bus.”

People of Downtown Eugene- VDay Plans

Valentine’s Day plans

“Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?”

“I’m going up to Portland to visit my parents. They just got a new Boston Terrier puppy, so I’m gonna go play with that all weekend.”

People of Downtown Eugene- Aries


“This is Aries. We’re just hanging out, trying to make some dog food money.”

People of Downtown Eugene- Killing time

Killing time

“We’re just killing time. Goofing off.”

People of Downtown Eugene- MInnesota


“I grew up in Minnesota. It’s all snow all the time, I loved it. This is very nostalgic for me, it brings me home.”

People of Downtown Eugene

Snow memories

“What is your all-time favorite snow memory?”
“Sledding. And drinking hot chocolate. Going up into the mountains to find our Christmas tree is always fun.”

People of Downtown Eugene- Second snow day

Second snow day

“I grew up in Southern California, so this is my whole second snow-day of my life. The last ‘snowpacolypse’ or whatever everybody called it was snow memory number 1. So, best memory is probably one of those.”
“Do you like the snow?”
“No. I hate it. But, as long as you can get out and run in it, it’s fine.”

People of Downtown Eugene

Daily downtown visitor

“I take the 7:30 bus every morning in to downtown to check my mail. I don’t have a car right now, it died of natural causes after 400,000 miles.”



“This is Dahlia. I found her on the butte. She was almost dead; she was missing fur and all of her little bones were sticking out, her ribs and everything. She’s totally a downtown dog now.”


Escaping cameras

“I moved here from L.A. three weeks ago to get away from cameras.”


Waiting for paycheck

“I used to live in Ohio and my great grandma lived in Florida. We’d drive there every summer, and one summer we just decided to go to the Keys and go snorkeling, and I think that was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was with my grandparents, my dad and my brother.”


Have peace

“If you could give advice to a large group of people, what would you say?”
“Throw down your guns. That’s the best thing that I could say. Have peace. That’s what I would say.”


Library bound

“What’s your favorite part about downtown Eugene?”
“Bookstores, vintage shops, food… I’m actually going to sell books today and maybe get some new stuff.”
“Cultural diversity. I like that about Eugene, especially downtown.”
“Would you change anything about downtown Eugene?”
“I think there should be more community events downtown. I know there’s the Saturday Market, but having more venues that are oriented towards the community downtown.”


Lunch and coffee

“We used to work downtown but now we work out of the house. We just wanted to be down here again, so we got lunch at Togo’s and we’re headed to coffee at Perugino, which, in my opinion, is the best coffee in Eugene.”


Voodoo trip

“When I was a kid we had a playground right in the middle of downtown, and now it’s all bars. We only really come down here for date night unless I’m taking the kids to Voodoo. I guess some people wouldn’t call Voodoo ‘kid-friendly’ but I think it’s fine.”


Homeless with Holly

“Lift the camping laws. Make it so we can sleep peacefully. The cops come, take your tent and tell you, ‘you’ve got to move.’ You have ten minutes to carry what you can carry — tents, sleeping bags, clothing, backpacks … if they could lift the no-camping laws would be great.”
“How do you stay warm?”
“She throws off a lot of body heat.”


Slow down

“What is your best advice?”

“Math isn’t hard. Anybody can do it. Especially little girls — we need more women in science.”

“And I would say, ‘slow down.’ People need to slow down and take it all in. People aren’t aware of the other people around them.”


Polaris Electrical

“We’re installing a light show. The city is going to have a premiere once they’re all in. It should be pretty cool!”


Downtown housing

“I like that housing is being added downtown, so that people will be downtown. People need to be down here for it to be sustainable.”


Downtown frequenter

“What’s your favorite thing about downtown Eugene?”

“The people are nice. Everyone down here is a big family and everyone works together whenever they can.”


Fine art conservator

“I’m a fine art conservator — my specialty is three dimensional objects. It’s kind of a rare job and then once you’ve gotten all your art history, art classes, science classes, and done all your years of internships, you go to apply and you realize there are thousands of these people trying to get the same job.

To do this you have to really, really want to. It’s a lot of work, and many years of no money to finally get to a point where you can do something with it. The fun part for me is that I work from San Diego all the way to Alaska.”


Bennett Management worker

“I’ve worked for Bennett Management for about five years doing maintenance. This is our newest building.”


Sign painter

“I’m a sign painter. I go around and paint signs.”
“Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?”
“Yeah, quit weed. I’m going to the gym to get a membership and I don’t want to see that weed no more.”


Army medic veteran

“I’m a former houseless Army veteran medic, but they got me an apartment so I’m better now. I’m just sitting with Rosa today. She’s my gal.”


Thrift shopper

“I work at Summit Bank. I love the thrift shops nearby, I’m a junker, that’s what I do. I’m actually headed to the library to look up collectors guides.”


Coffee run

“We’re going to get coffee!”



“What are you out doing today?”
“Shopping at the Kiva Grocery Store, then opening Belly.”
“What do you do at Belly?”
“I’m the owner.”
“Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?”
“Stay healthy, be healthy.”



“We’re on a road trip visiting family, then on to Seattle to see friends.”
“Is there something special you’d like to do in the coming year?”
“Travel more. Someplace warm in February. Maybe Paris in May. And I wouldn’t mind going back to Thailand.”


Fusion Christmas

“On Christmas, we have a dinner similar to Thanksgiving, but we also have a lot of Korean food. It’s a fusion!”


Crumb Together

“We’ve owned Crumb Together for almost 3 years now. We’re from New York and New Jersey — we lived in Arizona for about 20 years, and decided we wanted to live somewhere with similar weather but not such extreme cold. We love downtown Eugene!”


Jehovah’s Witness

“I’m downtown talking to people about Jesus. A lot of people don’t even believe in God anymore, so we’re here to tell them He is real.”


Always epic

“Are you headed to an event?”
“No, we’re always this epic.”
“What’s your favorite thing about downtown Eugene?”
“Shoryuken League, when it’s open. We were headed there for video games and vodka, but it’s closed so we’re trying to decide where to go.”


Barnlight employee

“What advise would you give to a large group of people?”
“Don’t take yourself too seriously. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I like myself better when I don’t.”


Hawaiian couple

“We’re visiting from Hawaii.”
“What’s your best advise when visiting family during the holidays?”
“Keep things flexible.”


Stock broker

“I work at D.A. Davidson & Co..”
“What is your best advise to someone looking to invest?”
“Invest in a boring company that make necessary products. For example, Kimberly Clarke makes toilet paper. Think about the things that people need.”


Mother-daughter duo

“We moved here from Vietnam in September. I’m getting my Master’s in the Early Intervention Program at the University.”


Frustrated moms

“What do you think of the way Eugene has sort of shut down?”

“I think it’s ridiculous that we rely so heavily on the bus system. Some of the side streets are still icy, but once you get onto the main roads it’s fine. My kid could walk to school, but it’s closed. Two days was understandable, but by day three, they need to go back. Maybe if we were using furlough days it would be understandable, but we’ll have to make up for this at the end of the school year.”


Snow Biker

“It seems like a good day for soup, so I’m headed over to Soup Nation for lunch.”


Snow Day

“We’re going to the top of the parking garage to see the snow all over downtown.”


Santa Sock

We took a photo of this pup, Sock, a few months ago. He’s so cute in his jacket that we had to take his photo again :-)


In transition

“I’m from here, but I don’t live here now. I don’t live anywhere, really. I’m in a life transition.”



“I’m a fashion merchandiser. I studied at FIDM in L.A. I like to buy the products – clothes mostly – then see people buy the things I like.”



“I’m from Hood River, and I’m trying to get back there. I came down for the Adventure Club show and got stranded here. I stayed in a shelter last night.”


Red hats

“What advice would you give to people around downtown?”
“Enjoy it, it’s a great place! It’s a city, we have problems. But we’ll work through them. We always do.”



“What advice would you give to a large group of people?”
“Never give up on yourself. Ever.”


Southern California Oregon fan

“I’m thankful for my family. I grew up in Oregon but I live in Southern California now and I’m visiting for Thanksgiving.”



“I’m thankful for my health. I had pneumonia a year ago, so I’m glad to be healthy and walking.”


Really, really thankful

“I’m really, really thankful, like, really, really thankful for my family. Really. My mom is my cheerleader, psychiatrist, all of the above. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”



“I’m thankful for my granddaughter and three daughters. I’m thankful to have made it to 43. My mom died at 48, so when I reached my forties I kind of freaked out. And I’m thankful for my partner of 6 years.”



“I’m thankful for my daughter. I’m waiting for her right now.”


Headed to a meeting

“I’m thankful for heating and having at home. It’s really cold right now and I feel for everyone who doesn’t have a home.”



“I’m thankful for this beautiful day! And for my Border Terrier, Minnie.”



“I just got married six months ago, so I’m thankful for that. We adopted Lady two days ago, she’s eleven years old. I’m just happy to have an animal in my life, it’s so nice to have a pet to take care of.”



“I work at KLCC.”
What are you thankful for?


Red Hair

“I’m thankful for the life I have. For the people that are in it who I love, and everything I have.”



“This is Marcus, he’s a chihuahua hybrid. I grew up in Eugene and now I work at the university.”


Red Coat

“I work for a ministry organization on campus. We started in Oregon, went to Colorado for awhile, and now we’re back in Oregon. When I first moved back it was raining a lot, so it’s nice to have days like today that are cold, but sunny with blue skies. The morning by boy said ‘it feels like we’re home!’”



“I own Delacata. We’ve been around for two years and we’ve been named ‘Eugene’s Best Food Cart’ twice. I also own the The Elk Horn Brewery on the corner of Franklin and Hilyard, which is opening soon!”



“This is Claire. She’s a rescue dog from a high-kill shelter in southern California. She’s 7 years old. I just got her a week ago. I lost my 18-year-old Yorkie a month ago, and I didn’t think I could fall in love with anyone but Winston. But I saw her at Pets Mart, which gets these shelter dogs every Saturday, and I just thought, well, ‘one old lady deserves another.’”


Scientific glassblower

“I’m from Grass Valley, California. I’m here planning a conference for the American Scientific Glassblowers Society. It’s an educational conference, where glassblowers can share their techniques. It’s held somewhere different every year. It will be mid-June, at the Hilton, next year. ”


Plant drawings

“I’m studying landscape architecture at the U of O. These are for a plant drawing class.”


Hash House Harrier

“I went to get lunch, then found these half-price gold leggings at Kitsch-22. I’m in this crazy running club, Eugene Hash House Harriers, so they’ll be perfect for that.”


South Carolina couple

Her: “I grew up here. We’re visiting from South Carolina to see my family and get all the things we don’t have there, like Voodoo Doughnuts and Dutch Bros. I miss this place so much.”

“What is your best marriage advice?”

Him: “Love me from a distance! I run hot, and she runs cold, but when she gets close to me it’s like she’s on fire.”

Her: “Laugh through everything.”


Cruella DeVille

Happy Halloween! Presumably, the dogs name is either Pongo or Perdita.



These guys were slowly making their way through the Saturday Market. Hundreds of Eugene zombies will be participating in Thrill the World at the Hult Center Plaza at 2!


Alternative teacher

“I teach language arts at Creative Minds Alternative School. Right now, we’re studying happiness. We’re trying to figure out what makes people happy.”

“So, what makes people happy?”

“Novelty is one. Like this — what you’re doing right now is a novelty.”

“How do you teach something like that?”

“We’re watching documentaries and TED Talks and having discussions about physiology and the brain. There’s a TED Talk, ‘Stroke of Insight’ by a brain scientist who had a stroke. We’re also talking about things like addiction, which can happen in the search for happiness.”



“These guys are Papillons. They’re not quite like a terrier or a chihuahua, and they’ve got a great temperament. They’re great.”


Hummingbird Wholesale

“If you could give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?”

“Ride more bikes. Or ride your bike more. However you want to say it.”


Lunch break

“Her daycare is in the same building as his work. I try to get over here for lunch as often as I can.”


Diabetic doughnut baker

“I work here.”

“What’s your favorite doughnut?”

“I don’t eat doughnuts. I’m diabetic. I make them and test them but I don’t eat them.”

“What’s your most popular doughnut?”

“The Maple Bacon Bar. Second would be the Old Dirty Bastard with chocolate, Oreos and peanut butter.”

“How did you get this job?”

“I met the CEO through roller derby.”


Poetic Centz

Him: “I have my own record label. My goal is to have an actual business and find unheard talent and bring poetry back to rap. I always say, rap stands for ‘Real American Poets.’”

Her: “I’m his promoter and his girlfriend. I support everything he does.”


Congratulations, HONY

Congratulations on your book launch, Humans of New York! Thank you for the inspiration for our downtown project. We are proud to be a downtown Eugene business. This project is our tribute to the people who live and work here.


Electric boat car

This electric boat/car was parked downtown today. Pretty cool!



“Take my picture.”


Cali family

“We’re just taking a walk right now. We’re visiting from California to see Michael Franti and Spearhead tonight.”



“This is called kohlrabi. You don’t generally eat the leaves, although you can, but you peel off the outside and the inside is kind of like jicama with a broccoli flavor.
I took an urban farming class at the UO and eventually taught that class for 4 years. I got to know a lot of the local farmers and I’ve worked at Organic Redneck for about 4 and a half years now.”



What’s your dog’s name? “Silly. It’s funny, if people see it they’ll recognize her. She’s been coming to work with me for 5 years.”


7th floor window washer

“I’ve been doing this job for about three and a half years.”
Are you scared of heights? “I trust my equipment.”



This man was making huge bubbles in Kesey Square. When asked if it was all right to take his picture, he said, “Only if you put a pie in my face!”

“I lived in Portland and found it to be so dull, and I was constantly trying to make people laugh, so I did this! Now, I’m back home. I come down here every third Friday and try to make people laugh.”



This is Sock!


Bijou Ladies

“We’re headed to The Bijou to watch ‘The Way, Way Back.’”



“I’m the Building Supervisor. I actually started as a temp, that was in April of ’99. They decided I was trustworthy so I’ve been here since, and I tell ya, I work with the best, nicest people.”


Report Here

The US Bank building had a fire drill today. The designated check-in location was very official.


34 years

“We’re here on business. We live in Salem now, but we lived in Eugene for 34 years.”



“We were just at Bounce and stopped to get a smoothy.”
Is she your daughter?
“Actually I’m her ex-nanny, I just picked her up for a playdate.”



What do you like about downtown Eugene?
“The fountain! It’s really zen… and the people, there are a lot of colorful people.”



“I’m a promo girl. Rainier is made in Washington and is a lot like PBR, but people tend to drink more PBR, which is made in Illinois. We want to remind people that there’s a comparable beer made closer to home!”



Eugene Celebration 2013


Bird Man

Eugene Celebration 2013


Stars and Stripes

Eugene Celebration 2013


Bank Break

“I can take the photo if it won’t take much time, I’m just on a quick break to go to the bank!”


River Day

“We’re going to the store and then we’re going to float the river.”


Sidewalk Musician

“I live in Drain but I’m trying to make a movement this way so I can go to school and get a job.”


Shoeless Little Man

I noticed his dad didn’t bring shoes with him today, so we’re off to buy some!


Tuesday Farmers Market

“Do you come to the Tuesday Market every week?”
“No. But I try!”


Electric Box Artist

“I won a contest through the city of Eugene. It was a peoples choice vote to determine who got to paint these. I was the top winner, but there are a few other artists who will paint other boxes around here.”


Crossfit Girls

“We just had the hardest workout ever at Crossfit and decided we needed to do a cool down lap around the block before leaving.”