Date : November 4, 2019

“We work with over 50 Fair Trade-certified organizations, mostly in Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Basically, Fair Trade ensures that there’s good working conditions, Fair Trade prices, no child labor – it’s a step in the right direction because it also has a huge focus on recycled and sustainable material. There’s just lots of neat things with awesome back stories.

These notebooks are coming from Sri Lanka, where elephants are killed by farmers because they can eat up to 500 pounds of vegetation, so this company actually pays farmers to collect elephant poo instead and then they turn them into these books. So, it’s 50 percent elephant poo and 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper, so basically with that, the elephants get killed less, the farmers make more money, and they don’t chop down additional trees to make them, and then we get cool paper products.”

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection